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About Domestic & General
Giving customers peace of mind for over 100 years
It’s our mission to keep your world running by delivering a service that never lets you down.
For over 100 years, Domestic & General has been a trusted provider of aftercare for domestic appliances. Today, we’re the leading provider of appliance breakdown protection in the UK and throughout Europe. We’ve launched in the US to provide expert appliance care and help give customers peace of mind that their appliances are protected from unexpected breakdowns.

Domestic & General officially launched into the US market in September 2021. We’ll use our expertise, hassle-free approach and focus on customer service to get our US customers’ appliances running smoothly again. Based in Chicago, we’re excited to expand our unique products and value proposition to customers across the country.
14.2m customers worldwide*
*As of March 2021.
7.7m UK customers*
*As of March 2021.
We look after 21.8m appliances*
*As of March 2021.

Products created with customers in mind

Accidental Damage

  1. Coverage for repairs caused by accidents not covered under other plans or the manufacturer’s warranty. No deductibles or service fees.


  1. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns are repaired by authorized service technicians (once manufacturer warranty runs out).
  2. No payment required for parts, labor, or service.


  1. If the appliance can’t be fixed, we’ll replace it with a new one. We’ll also replace any accessories that came with your appliance if they no longer work.


  1. You’re in control with low, flexible monthly subscription.